Hunting Museum

The Hunting Museum represents an important collection both for the quality and quantity of the objects on display, and for the originality of the project that brought it to life within the national setting. Recently created, a symbiosis was created between the architectural spaces packed with history and important for their intrinsic artistic value and the collections that were chosen to be exhibited there.

On display at Vila Viçosa Castle, is the collection that Manuel Lopo de Carvalho, a former member of the House of Bragança Committee, deposited here and that the Foundation in turn set out to exhibit as it should.

This collection of hunted specimens was recently bequeathed to the Foundation by the heirs of the collector. The set includes numerous European birds and hunting trophies from Africa, as well as some specimens from the Royal Collections such as the pygmy elephant skull.

The large section of indigenous artefacts (approximately 200 items) was collected by members of the Royal Family. The largest group, consisting of ceremonial weapons, comes from Mozambique and Angola and was gifted to Prince Luís Filipe when visiting the former overseas colonies in 1907.

The firearms collection includes numerous specimens of hunting rifles and pieces that were associated with the scientific excursions of King Carlos: harpoon cannons and hunting shotguns.