King Carlos I Agricultural School

In compliance with the desire expressed by King Manuel II, the King Carlos I Agricultural School was established in Vendas Novas.

The school is dedicated to vocational, social and cultural training in rural areas, and has been offering courses since 1987.

The running of the school is guaranteed by the King Carlos I Professional Technical Association, which has managed the Agricultural School since October 1996, with which the FCB signed a protocol agreeing to make the space, logistical material and equipment available. In January 2001, a lease contract was signed between these two institutions.

The school has six classrooms, a computer room, a machinery room, a laboratory, a library, a cafeteria, dormitories with accommodation capacity for 80 trainees and an area provided by the FCB for simulated practice, where two greenhouses, citrus and stone fruit orchards and an area intended for arable crops are located. The whole area is approximately 2 ha.