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Opening Hours

Paço Ducal e Castelo de Vila Viçosa

The Museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesday mornings (except during July and August).
The Museum is closed on the following national holidays: January 1st, Easter Sunday, 1st of May, December 8th and December 25th.


Paço Ducal
Terreiro do Paço
7160-251, Vila Viçosa

Rules of Conduct

I. Tours take place in groups of up to 30, led by an official guide.

II. Group tours are conducted at 15-minute intervals, depending on the flow of visitors and the availability of official guides.

III. The final tour in each morning or afternoon session takes place 60 minutes before closing.

IV. Visitors are prohibited from:

– it is strictly forbidden to capture images inside the Museum;

– using mobile phones during tours;

– entering the museums with umbrellas.

V. The following people may enter free of charge on presentation of proof, where necessary:

1 – Visitors approved by members of the Junta da Casa de Bragança and the Administrative Council;

2 – Employees of the Foundation and their families (partners, older or younger family members);

3 – People resident in the Vila Viçosa area (on Tuesdays);

4 – Groups of pupils from educational establishments and their teachers, provided that they do not exceed 50 in number, subject to prior authorisation by the Director of the Library-Museum;

5 – Members of the Associação Portuguesa de Museologia (APOM) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM);

6 – Children aged 12 and under, if accompanied by an adult;

7 – Groups of members of the Portuguese Armed Forces or Security Forces (GNR and PSP) or the Civil Protection or Fire services, provided that they do not exceed 50 in number, subject to prior authorisation by the Director of the Library-Museum;

VI. Students aged over 12 are eligible for a 50% discount, upon presentation of a valid student card.

VII. The Director of the Library-Museum may also grant a 50% reduction on the price of admission for groups of retired people and to institutions of social solidarity, provided that this has previously been agreed in writing and by prior appointment and only on working days.

VIII. Access conditions may change due to the directions imposed by the responsible entities.

Tickets and Pricing

Museology Groups
Ducal Palace 8€
Armoury 3€
Chinese Porcelain Collection 2.5€
Carriages Museum 3€
Treasure (Ducal Palace) - only on working days 2.5€
Castle: Hunting and Archaeology Museums 5€
Agostinhos Church 3€

Tickets to the Palace are sold at the door. 

Tickets to the Hunting and Archaeology Colections are sold at the Castle. 

All guided tours are conducted in Portuguese.